Rudy’s Eat and Drink * * * *

Hello Readers,

Rudy’s Eat and Drink is a Winnipeg staple, and has been for some time. They aim to provide an old school experience and atmosphere. Mission accomplished.

Believe it or not this was my first time at Rudy’s. Most of the people that I tell that to seem offended. “Seriously?” or “Are you kidding?” are the usual responses I received. However now that I have visited I will be saying the same thing to the poor souls that have yet to visit.

Walking into the bar it is like going back in time. The tan coloured leather seating, the old school wooden bar, and the overall beige look of the décor reminds of a bar you would see on Mad Men. Of course they have added some modern day musts, like flat screens and a projector, but at the same time remained loyal to their old fashioned vibe.

I went to Rudy’s during a Jets game and it was basically empty. I asked the server why it was so dead and she said, “You should have come before the game!” Located right behind the MTS Centre, Rudy’s gets a huge pre, and post, game rush.

She also told me that the best time to visit Rudy’s is during the summer. Rudy’s patio parties are legendary according to my many sources (friends who like to drink). They often have DJs take over the patio and we all know what happened next.

When it comes to beer Rudy’s is nothing special. They have the usual mix of local and domestic beer with some imports mixed in. Instead of ordering one of those I tried Rudy’s Blonde, which is of course a beer you can only get at Rudy’s. It was incredibly smooth with barely any carbonation to it. I pictured myself on a hot Winnipeg day sitting on the patio and slamming back a few of these bad boys. It was a wonderful vision. Check out their website for a full beer listing.

Overall Rudy’s Eat and Drink more than met the expectations I had. Good service (granted there was only my group and one other), Great food (I had a Rudy Burger and it changed my life), and good décor. The one thing that it lacked was affordability. I don’t think there target audience is broke students, but if it is they need to cut some of their prices in half. 4 out of 5 is a fair grade for this iconic bar, and I look forward to sucking back some brew-pies at one of their patio parties this summer.



Maw’s Eatery and Beer Hall : Redemption Edition * * * *

Hey Folks,

If you look back through my blog you will find a post about Maw’s. I visited the bar because it is right across the street form my school and I had to keep walking by it waiting for it to open. Once it opened I paid it a visit, expecting big things. Unfortunately, due to the inexperienced staff, My experience was not what I expected it to be.

I decided not to review it because it didn’t seem fair for me to be harsh to a bar that just opened, and hasn’t established roots. Upon my return I am pleased to announce that Maw’s is a must-visit-destination for all you beer drinkers out there. The super open concept is warm and inviting, and the service has improved a ton.

Next time I go there I am going on a live music night. The stage room looks like it would be a great time. Large tables and room for dancing. What else do you need?

Check out their site


Coors Banquet

Hey Readers,

This is the last week before Spring Break, which means I had about 7 assignments due and no time to go out. So, instead of a review, I want to give a shout out to the beer I plan on drinking copious amounts of over Reading Week.

Coors Light has always been a favourite beer of mine. I would drink on those summer days because it is a refreshing, smooth, and easy drinking beer. When Coors Banquet made it to the shelves in Winnipeg, of course I had to try it. I am extremely happy I did.

Adolph Coors immigrated to Colorado in 1868, and discovered the fresh water from the Rocky Mountains makes a pretty mean tasting brew. Coors was called the “Banquet Beer” in 1936 because miners would throw parties and start slamming down Coors. They called the parties “Banquets”. Hence “Banquet Beer”. Creative !

Only in 2014 did Canada gain the rights to sell the coveted beverage above the border. I’m not kidding when I say that this beer is delicious, smooth, and refreshing. It has the taste of a light beer with the alcohol percentage of a regular brew.

I encourage you to go pick up a case and give it a try. You will not be disappointed.

Comment and let me know if you agree or disagree!


The Good Will * * * *

When it comes to the best creation of all time there is only one thing that competes with beer… pizza. The Good Will (TGW) has both! Located right next to the University of Winnipeg, The Good Will and Little Pizza Heaven have teamed up to create the ideal dining experience.

From the outside, TGW looks tiny. When I walked in, the open concept of the bar surprised me. There is one bar near the door and the rest of the space is seating. A lot of tall tables in the middle and about six booths along the sides. At the end of the space is a small dance floor and a massive stage. The lighting is pretty dim and the walls are black and bare. I’m not sure if the lack of decor is purposeful or not, but the bar has an unfinished vibe.

TGW is local as local gets. Every single day there is an event, activity, or band playing. When I went on Wednesday it was karaoke night. Lots of fun and lots of laughs. The staff and the patrons of the bar were super friendly and approachable. TGW provides a comfortable environment.

Sticking to the local theme, their beer choices are all homegrown. They have choices form all over Canada, Half Pints, Fort Garry, and even some house beer. I tried The ‘Good Pil’ Pilsner, which is a house beer from TGW. It was delicious! Super smooth and easy to drink. I recommend you try it. Here is the full beer list

Overall, I was super impressed with TGW. Before I went I was told it is a “hipster” bar that I wouldn’t like. However, I think that TGW is a bar worth checking out. Good people, good vibes, and good times. Because of the lack of decor and the unfinished vibe I can’t give TGW the perfect score, but I will give them well deserved 4 out of 5.

Thanks for reading!



Hey Readers,

I didn’t have time to go out and explore the bar scene this week, unfortunately. However, I am also looking for some ideas for places to visit.

Do you know a bar that you think I would like? If you do, let me know and I will visit it. I’m always curious of where my readers like to slam beers!

I am also looking for some cool beers to try out. Whats your favourite beer that most people don’t know about? I want to know.

Comment your suggestions and I will never forget it. In fact, we may just become best friends. Thank you!


St. James Tap & Table * * *


Living in St.James, I had been waiting a long time for a new pub. The Smitty’s near my house had become far to familiar to me and I saw no where to escape too. Suddenly the St.James Tap & Table began to be built and the anticipation began to grow.

Before Tap & Table the building was already a St.James staple, Dylan O’Connors Irish Pub. Dylan’s closed because they were frequently over capacity and were fined regularly. Eventually they were shut down, and the carcass of the used-to-be milestone sat empty as a reminder of the one that got away.

Late last year, St. James Tap & Table opened its doors to the public. The bar is a dim lit lounge with one enormous bar that stretches the whole length of the building. At the far end of the building is a stage where live music and entertainment happens on weekends. There is also a VIP section that I was not allowed in. I’m not sure who they are saving it for, but I heard some Winnipeg Jets are frequent visitors.

The coolest thing about this bar was the prospect of having beer pumps at the tables! That would mean you could pour your own beer and not have to wait for a server. Debatably the greatest idea of all time. However, they do not have the pumps yet. They are working on getting them in the near future. I can’t wait.

My first visit to the Tap & Table was with my family, for dinner. I ordered a burger and it was delicious and not too big. I’m used to getting massive burgers that make you want to hibernate after eating, but the burger I had was a moderate size and filled me up perfectly. Also left me room for more beer. From what I’ve heard the food is amazing, and most items are under 20 dollars. Not bad! Oh, and similar to my last post, they have 40 wing flavours. Some of the flavours sound ridiculous. Peanut Butter Jelly Time, Steve Martin, and Screaming Viking are my personal favourite names. I tried the Maple Chipolte and they were the bomb. Check out the menu,

BEER. BEER. BEER. They got a lot of it. From Half Pints to Heineken, Tap & Table has it all. They also have BeerTails, which is a beer cocktail. Gross right? Apparently not. According to my server they are extremely popular. I was too scared to try one, but you should. They do not have a drink menu online so you have to go see it to believe it.

The only downfall of this establishment was service. It is a new bar so I understand the struggle. However, waiting 20 minutes for a beer is unacceptable. I give St. James Tap & Table a 3 out of 5 stars. In a year or so, when this place settles in, I imagine it will be a must visit.


The Pint * * * * *


Oh me, oh my. I recently learned in advertising that the general public tends to love NEW things. The Pint Public House has solidified that fact. Located on Garry Street right across from Fame, The Pint offers ridiculous prices on food and drink. Perfect for a student on a budget!

The Pint is a two floored bar with an insane amount of seating. I was told that on some nights they will move the tables to make a dance floor. So don’t forget your dancing shoes if you plan to go. The walls are covered in Winnipeg sports memorabilia, from original Jets to Goldeyes and everything in-between.

Why does this bar get such a high rating Ryan? Well, once you take a look at their weekly specials I can guarantee that you will put this bar on your “need-to-go list”. For example, I went on a Tuesday and the special was $2.25 pints of Pabst Blue Ribbon. That is not a typo, $2.25! I actually asked if it was legal to serve alcohol for that price. My server laughed and said “I think so.” Good enough answer for me. Here is a link to their specials

I can’t remember what their beer choices were exactly and they don’t have their drink menu posted. However, I do remember seeing a lot of taps. Just take my word for it.

The Pint is a new fish in a sea of long standing bars here in Winnipeg. I predict this place will soon become a staple of the Downtown bar scene. For that reason, I have given The Pint Public House a 5 out of 5 rating. This is the ideal bar for broke students. Give it a visit!