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 Hey Readers,

I had the pleasure of going to the Jets vs. Rangers game on Tuesday this week. The game itself was somewhat disappointing considering the loss the Jets took, but the pre-game experience was amazing. Now, I don’t usually pick mainstream bars for my reviews, however Shark Club has changed my mind.

On Tuesday my mother and I experienced a problem that happens to a lot of Jets games attendees. “I’m sorry but there is a two hour wait.” We tried lots of restaurants around the MTS centre, but all of them provided the same answer.

Eventually my mother and I entered into Shark Club, which is located inside Cityplace. Once we walked in we saw exactly what we expected, a lot of people, and not a lot of seating. We hovered around creeping on tables, trying to see who was paying their bills. While we waited we stood at a bar top, enjoyed a couple beers, and appreciated the electric atmosphere.

Shark Club is by far one of the most interesting looking bars I have been in. A large square room separated in the middle by a glass wall. One side is the bar area and the other is the gambling area. The gambling area has VLT’s, Black Jack, and poker tables. The lounge side has a massive square bar in the middle of the room surrounded by seating. There is also a balcony with seating above, too many TVs to count, and a real time sports ticker displayed around the perimeter of the bar. A sports lover’s haven.

After about 20 minutes or so we managed to find a seat. It was 6:20 and the game started at 7. Looking around I had doubts that the kitchen time would be under 40 minutes. When the waitress approached us I asked her how long the food wait would be. “Like 15 to 20 minutes.” I immediately called bullshit (in my head of course). There was no way they could turn out food that fast with the amount of people in the bar. We ordered nachos and sliders, and I waited for my theory to come true. All of a sudden, 16 minutes later, our food arrives. I was extremely surprised, and what made it worse was that the food was delicious!

My mother and I ate our appetizers, had a couple more drinks, and were finished in time to walk back to the MTS Centre for the National Anthems.

In addition to the delicious food, they have an incredible beer selection. To keep the bill as low as possible I stuck to Budweiser, but I will leave you this link to their beer options.

If you are ever hitting up a Jets game and your looking for somewhere to grab quick and delicious food in a great environment, look no further than Shark Club. I only had a couple issues with the bar. The seating was pretty uncomfortable (maybe just where we sat), and the drinks are super expensive on game days. With those two things in mind, Shark club gets a 4 out of 5.

Here’s a link to their website



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