Hat Tricks Sports Bar and Grill * * * *

The “HOJO” is a beer vendor located five minutes from my house. In layman’s terms that means the Howard Johnson Hotel, but anyone who lives in the Westwood/Crestview has never called it that. The HOJO has always been a one-stop- shop for all your beer drinking needs.

Attached to this vendor is a newly renovated bar that I frequently visited when I was employed at a car dealership right next to it. As a bar blogger, I feel obligated to shine some light on this diamond in the rough.

The bar is called Hat Tricks and it is in all ways a sports lover’s paradise. The bar is not overwhelmingly large in any way, but for every square inch it has there is a 60-inch flat screen playing your favourite sport.

There had always been a bar attached to the HOJO vendor, but it never really got recognition until the renovation. The bar now has an open concept with comfy booths and long tables. Hat Tricks gets incredibly LOUD during local sporting events, you have been warned. Above all else Hat Tricks is local and friendly. My view may be biased, seeing as I was raised in the neighbourhood it is located, but every time I walk in I feel welcome.

My favourite thing about this bar is the pitchers. Hat Tricks has the Budweiser Red Light Pitchers, which light up when the Jets score. I’m sure other bars have them too, but so far I have only seen them there. I don’t know why but when anything flashes lights at me I enjoy it much more. Except for police lights of course.

Beer selection and food are nothing special. The typical mix of import and domestic, mixed with a little local. Food choices are your usual sandwiches, wings, and burgers.

I love this place so I’m giving it a 4 out of 5.

I feel as though if you aren’t form the St. James area the likeliness of you visiting is small. However, all of you St. Jamesians (Jamesers? I don’t know) who have not visited Hat Tricks, you should. It’s always a great time.

PS. They have a lot of VLT’s



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