Fox & Hounds Tavern * * * * *

Hey Readers,

I have driven past Fox & Hounds Tavern more times then I can count. I had never had the urge to enter until my friends, Justine Allard and Dave Walker, told me that they have the best wings in the city. I thought that was a ballsy statement so I decided to join them.

Located next to Polo Park, Fox & Hounds has been open since 1928 and has been offering a genuine English pub experience. I had always thought that the Kings Head was the most genuine English pub in the city, until I visited Fox & Hounds. The brick walls, wooden tables, decorative glass, and tacky patterned carpet matched with the dim lighting and a high roof makes for a warm, inviting feel. The bar itself is long, narrow, and full of big tables for large groups of people. Great bar for drinking with friends!

The menu offers exactly what you would expect from a pub: Burgers, sandwiches, wings, and fries. What else could a guy ask for? They also have drink and food specials everyday of the week. Last night was a Jets game day, which means that Budweiser and Bud light are on special. I had a couple of Buds and then moved on to my personal favourite, Coors Banquet. The tap beer selection is nothing special. I would supply a list, but they do not have one on their website. To find out you have to ask your server when you visit (which you should).

A bar doesn’t stay open for almost 90 years because of food and beer alone. The friendly staff and welcoming environment is what keeps people coming back. I can honestly say I have no complaints about this bar. With that said, Fox & Hound Tavern gets a perfect score from me. To check out more about the bar here’s the link to their website.



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