Hey Readers,

I didn’t have time to go out and explore the bar scene this week, unfortunately. However, I am also looking for some ideas for places to visit.

Do you know a bar that you think I would like? If you do, let me know and I will visit it. I’m always curious of where my readers like to slam beers!

I am also looking for some cool beers to try out. Whats your favourite beer that most people don’t know about? I want to know.

Comment your suggestions and I will never forget it. In fact, we may just become best friends. Thank you!



St. James Tap & Table * * *


Living in St.James, I had been waiting a long time for a new pub. The Smitty’s near my house had become far to familiar to me and I saw no where to escape too. Suddenly the St.James Tap & Table began to be built and the anticipation began to grow.

Before Tap & Table the building was already a St.James staple, Dylan O’Connors Irish Pub. Dylan’s closed because they were frequently over capacity and were fined regularly. Eventually they were shut down, and the carcass of the used-to-be milestone sat empty as a reminder of the one that got away.

Late last year, St. James Tap & Table opened its doors to the public. The bar is a dim lit lounge with one enormous bar that stretches the whole length of the building. At the far end of the building is a stage where live music and entertainment happens on weekends. There is also a VIP section that I was not allowed in. I’m not sure who they are saving it for, but I heard some Winnipeg Jets are frequent visitors.

The coolest thing about this bar was the prospect of having beer pumps at the tables! That would mean you could pour your own beer and not have to wait for a server. Debatably the greatest idea of all time. However, they do not have the pumps yet. They are working on getting them in the near future. I can’t wait.

My first visit to the Tap & Table was with my family, for dinner. I ordered a burger and it was delicious and not too big. I’m used to getting massive burgers that make you want to hibernate after eating, but the burger I had was a moderate size and filled me up perfectly. Also left me room for more beer. From what I’ve heard the food is amazing, and most items are under 20 dollars. Not bad! Oh, and similar to my last post, they have 40 wing flavours. Some of the flavours sound ridiculous. Peanut Butter Jelly Time, Steve Martin, and Screaming Viking are my personal favourite names. I tried the Maple Chipolte and they were the bomb. Check out the menu,

BEER. BEER. BEER. They got a lot of it. From Half Pints to Heineken, Tap & Table has it all. They also have BeerTails, which is a beer cocktail. Gross right? Apparently not. According to my server they are extremely popular. I was too scared to try one, but you should. They do not have a drink menu online so you have to go see it to believe it.

The only downfall of this establishment was service. It is a new bar so I understand the struggle. However, waiting 20 minutes for a beer is unacceptable. I give St. James Tap & Table a 3 out of 5 stars. In a year or so, when this place settles in, I imagine it will be a must visit.


The Pint * * * * *


Oh me, oh my. I recently learned in advertising that the general public tends to love NEW things. The Pint Public House has solidified that fact. Located on Garry Street right across from Fame, The Pint offers ridiculous prices on food and drink. Perfect for a student on a budget!

The Pint is a two floored bar with an insane amount of seating. I was told that on some nights they will move the tables to make a dance floor. So don’t forget your dancing shoes if you plan to go. The walls are covered in Winnipeg sports memorabilia, from original Jets to Goldeyes and everything in-between.

Why does this bar get such a high rating Ryan? Well, once you take a look at their weekly specials I can guarantee that you will put this bar on your “need-to-go list”. For example, I went on a Tuesday and the special was $2.25 pints of Pabst Blue Ribbon. That is not a typo, $2.25! I actually asked if it was legal to serve alcohol for that price. My server laughed and said “I think so.” Good enough answer for me. Here is a link to their specials

I can’t remember what their beer choices were exactly and they don’t have their drink menu posted. However, I do remember seeing a lot of taps. Just take my word for it.

The Pint is a new fish in a sea of long standing bars here in Winnipeg. I predict this place will soon become a staple of the Downtown bar scene. For that reason, I have given The Pint Public House a 5 out of 5 rating. This is the ideal bar for broke students. Give it a visit!



The Journey Continues

Welcome Back!

My quest to discover the most interesting place to drink beer continues next week. I hope you guys all had a sweet holiday, and are ready to wet your whistle with some frosty brews.

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See you next week !