Grab Bag

Hey Folks,

I’m sorry for all of the school assignment posts lately. This week I decided to make it up to you with a new kind of blog post… The Grab Bag!

It’s getting to that time of year where I can barely afford to feed myself, let alone go to a bar and spend six dollars on a beer. In order to save money I challenge you to visit your local Liquor Mart, and instead of buying an “eight pack ‘a’ bud”, switch it up and start grabbing some different beers out of the fridge. They are no more than $3.50 each, and they are bigger than your average beer.

If your nervous and intimidated by strange foreign beers, don’t worry, I’m here to help! I have personally tried the six beers in this post, and they aren’t as scary as they seem. In fact, you might just enjoy them!


Stiegl Beer

Stiegl is an Austrian beer brewed in the city of Salzburg. Stiegl is a dark golden beer that has an almost floral aroma to it. It is smooth tasting and has hints of citrus. The after taste offers alight bitterness.   $2.55   4.9%

Tiger Beer

Established in 1932, Tiger beer  was a staple on the Pacific side of Asia. Now it is in over 70 countries world wide. This pale ale is brewed in Singapore and has a refreshing light taste. It is by no means a bitter beer which makes it very easy to drink.   $2.55   5%


I have a personal connection with this particular brew. I had the distinct pleasure of drinking this Spanish beer while sitting on the beach in Barcelona. It tasted much better there than it does in Winnipeg, but that has nothing to do with the beer, only the view. Established in 1876,  Estrella is the official beer of FCBarcelona and has a very fresh taste due to the carbonation. Not the easiest beer to drink, but definitely worth a try.   $2.73   4.6%


DAB stands for Dortmunder Actien Brauerei (say that 10 times fast), is a brewery in Dortmund, Germany. Every one knows that Germans take pride in meeting standards and being efficient, DAB is no exception. It has a distinct crisp taste yet remains surprisingly smooth. Picture a roller coaster in your mouth. It is brewed the exact same way as it was in 1868.   $2.61   5%

Harp Lager

The Irish know the most about drinking, so if they vouch for a beer I’m all for it! Harp Lager is one of the most popular beers in Ireland and for good reason. This pale lager has a very clean taste all the way through. Even the after-taste is smooth as the sound of a harp… Wait a second!   $3.28   5%


Beck’s is another German beer. It is brewed in Bremen, and it is the worlds best selling German beer! Beck’s has a hoppy taste and a dry finish. It’s golden colour offers a slight fruity taste. An extremely refreshing brew.   $3.14   5%

These are only a few of the choices available out there. Be creative and let me know what kinds of beer you tried. If you’re going to make drinking a habit, at least surprise yourself once in awhile !



NOS Energy Drink

*WARNING ANOTHER SCHOOL ASSIGNMENT (I will get back to bars and brew next week)*

Tank running on empty? Need an energy boost? Grab a NOS Energy Drink and get pumped!



Sitting down at Rachel Brown Theatre I had no idea what to expect from “Proud” a Michael Healey play. I read some reviews and they were all very positive, including a four out of four rating by the Toronto Star.

I found the play hilarious. Ross McMillan plays a socially awkward Prime Minister that happens to look and act a lot like Stephen Harper, what a coincidence. Daria Puttaert plays a dimwit MP that the Prime Minister befriends and takes advantage of, in a political sense. The no-holds-barred language and content was very surprising to me. It was a very provocative play.

All of the cast in “Proud” did a tremendous job with their lines and it was easy to tell that they were well rehearsed. The portrayal of  the Prime Minister was perfect. If I had to picture Stephen Harper behind closed doors Ross Mcmillan’s character is now the first thing that comes to mind. However, I did find the play pretty sexist. The woman character, Jisbella Lyth, is first introduced as a drunk, looking for a condom. After that Jisbella continues to be extremely interested in sex and gives herself up quite easily. Don’t get me wrong her character was witty and entertaining, but if I was a woman I might find her a little insulting.

After the play they had a talkback session where the cast and director comes out and takes questions from the crowd. In my opinion I felt that the talkback session ruined the illusion of the play and I didn’t get much out of it. Plus there was a lot of awkward pauses that made me uncomfortable.

I’m not going to lie, I am not an avid theatre fan. This play may have changed my mind however. I caught myself smiling like an idiot, and sometimes laughing like a fool. I found the cast very easy to relate to, which made it easy to become engaged in the play. “Proud” is worth the money and then some. Check it out !

The Grove Pub&Restaurant * * *

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 1.25.28 PM

The Grove is a very popular bar in the Corydon area. I have heard of it a lot from friends and I decided to check it out. When I walked in I immediately felt the energy inside. It was a Jets Game night so it was full. I ended up having to wait for a spot but only for about 10 minutes.

The decor of the bar is warm and inviting. The dark wooden furniture and bar matched with the pale yellow walls. Pictures from old school England plaster the walls while three flat screen TVs showed the Jets game.

Food is the staple of The Grove. The menu is something you have to see to believe. They boast a huge variety of meal choices. From duck to pizza The Grove’s food choice hits both sides of the spectrum. However, staying true to its form, The Grove menu is English. The full menu is available here

The beer choice at this pub was vast, but nothing i hadn’t seen before. They did have a couple of house beers that I hadn’t heard of. One was called Blood Alley Bitter, which didn’t sound to appetizing to me, and the other was called Stafford Street Lager. I tired the lager and it was delicious. It had a refreshing basic lager taste that made me feel like I could knock back a couple more. The full beer menu is available at

In conclusion, The Grove Pub & Restaurant gave me more of a restaurant feel. They concentrate more on the food then the booze, which is fine with me. The majority of customers were of the older persuasion, understandably so with food as delicious as theirs. I’m giving The Grove a 3 out of 5 rating. I enjoyed my time there but it wasn’t a stand out bar to me.