The Yellow Dog Tavern * * * *


Walking into The Yellow Dog Tavern, you can’t help but notice how obviously local it is. From the beer to the custom made neon lights, everything in this bar feels home grown and local. The walls are covered with pictures of the Exchange District ( where it is located ) and it also has a stage where local bands are welcome to play.

Yellow Dog’s on-tap beer selection is nothing compared to the other bars I have visited like King’s Head or Luxalune, but you have to appreciate their dedication to the local brewery Half Pints. They have their flagship beers like St. James Pale Ale, Bulldog Amber Ale, Little Scrapper Ipa, and Stir Stick Stout. They also had Creemore Springs Premium Lager. Creemore is a small town north of Toronto, and they make a delicious, smooth and creamy lager. One of the tastiest beers I have had in awhile. I also tried a Little Scrapper Ipa, even though I was warned by a friend that it would taste like soap. In my opinion, I thought it tasted very summery and had a hint of citrus, but after waiting for the taste to settle I did taste the soap my friend had mentioned. I also had a St. James Pale Ale which I have had many times before. It’s light tasting and refreshing and definitely my favourite Half Pints beer.

The Yellow Dog Tavern is a chill, comfortable, quiet location to have some beverages. I really enjoyed the humorous coasters and slogans. They are a bar that can poke fun at itself which is another reason why they appeal to locals. The tavern is split in half, the restaurant side and the bar. They have a full menu with many dishes and appetizers. I’m giving this bar a 4 star rating, not for the beer selection but for staying true to their brand and offering a refreshing experience. The Yellow Dog Tavern is truly “the only dog house you want to be in.”


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Election Night


There is no denying that the Winnipeg Civic Election raised a lot of eyebrows on Wednesday. The favourite from the start of the campaigns was Judy Wasylycia-Leis, however Brian Bowman ran a very strong campaign and came out with almost 50% of the votes.

My job on election night was comparing the coverage of the election. CBC, CTV, Global, CJOB, Winnipeg Free Press, and the Winnipeg Sun were the outlets I was comparing.

I started with CBC coverage and was very impressed. In the first 10 minutes of analysis I knew who was running where and heard from a large panel of specialists. I switched over to CTV and found that they had a ticker (an up-to-the-minute feed at the bottom of the screen). The ticker was extremely helpful for people just checking in. It cycled through all of the wards and to the mayoral election. Their news seemed to be more related to stats while CBC was more about the people running. CTV did have some audio issues in a couple cases that kind of turned me off. There was a ringing noise in the back ground at some points and they had some mic issues in some live interviews. I would have like to see Global’s live coverage, however it didn’t start until 9PM, 15 minutes after the mayor was already announced.

I also listened to CJOB during the election which was interesting. When I was listening to it I had the TV coverage playing in front of me which made it very hard to pay attention to. I suppose if you had to be out and about during the election CJOB would be extremely helpful and informative, but in my case it was pointless.

Winnipeg Free Press and the Winnipeg Sun websites were very helpful. If you wanted to find out certain stats and didn’t want to wait for it on TV or radio, the websites allowed you to find the polls you wanted to see and they kept them constantly refreshing. The sites also had links to interviews and live feeds to candidate headquarters. If you missed the election coverage these sites would be extremely helpful.

Personally, the CBC coverage was the easiest and most interesting to watch. They seemed well prepared and had experienced analysts out in the field. They had no visual or audio mishaps and covered what needed to be covered.

This election assignment taught me that there are plenty of options for media coverage on big nights such as this one. It taught me that different platforms have different game plans on how to approach elections.

I had the option in this assignment to volunteer at a station or visit a volunteer headquarter. In hindsight I wish I had volunteered at a station, it would have allowed me to learn hands on what it is like in the journalism industry. Although, sitting at home in my sweats watching the TV, listening to radio, and checking the press websites was no easy task.


King’s Head Pub * * * * *


I feel some what guilty doing a review on the King’s Head, but that’s only because I have been there before and I already knew I was going to like it. This old school, British themed pub is in the heart of the Exchange District. It is also within spitting distance of Red River College’s Princess Campus, where I am convienetly enrolled… What a coincidence. Due to its location, King’s Head sees all sorts of demographics –  from students to seniors, there always seems to be a crowd.

Before I get to the beer, I feel like the food needs to be mentioned. I used to live in England so I can vouch for their menu. They have one of the most authentic English menus I have seen outside of Britain. Classics such as bangers ‘n’ mash, shepherd’s pie, and fish ‘n’ chips highlight the menu, but the thing that impressed me was that they also offered curry choices. If you’ve been to England you would know that curry is an extremely popular dish. They put that s#&% on everything. However, they are a pub nonetheless so of course they have the usual sandwiches, fries, wings, and nachos.


Me walking up to the bar at King’s Head with five dollars is the equivalent of a kid walking into a candy store with five dollars. The kid stands in awe and can’t possibly decide which delicious candy to spend his precious money on. Meanwhile at the King’s Head, I am gawking at the ridiculous amount of taps sticking out of the bar (34 according to their menu) and trying to decide which beer would best wet my whistle. Beers from all over North America and the World highlight the largest on-tap beer selection in Winnipeg. That is a pretty honourable accomplishment in my opinion. Full drink menu is here:

King’s Head offers plenty of seating, some pool tables, and live music and entertainment. Because of this pub’s ridiculous drink menu and its ability to appeal to the masses, I am forced to give my first 5 star review. Touché King’s Head, touché.


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Garbonzo’s Pizza Pub

Before you go looking for stars, let me tell you that this isn’t a review. This last weekend Red River College’s Creative Communication students had a blackout marker social at Garbonzo’s Pizza Pub.

Garbonzo’s is known for their reasonably priced beer and food, and is located in the University of Winnipeg AnX. The cheap prices and prime location make it perfect for low income students to grab a beer and some good eats after, or before class (maybe even during…I won’t tell anyone).

Now I had been to Garbonzo’s before and couldn’t understand how they could make room for a social. I mean there are tables everywhere and minimal floor space for large amounts of people. However, much to my surprise, I walked into a wide open floor with a DJ, prize tables, a dance floor, and much more room to spare. Everyone had a killer time, until the next day when you had to figure out how to get all the colourful ink off your face.

I just wanted to give a shout out to Garbonzo’s and let everyone know that if your looking for somewhere to have an event, don’t forget to consider Garbonzo’s Pizza Pub. I was extremely impressed !