Luxalune Gastropub * * *

I had heard plenty of rumours about Luxalune Gastropub, their beer selection and delicious food choices have given them a good name in the Osbourne bar scene. Thats all I had to hear to get me down there this Friday.

Now, being a Luxalune rookie, I had no idea what to expect upon entry. The low key signage on the outside gave it the look of a dark lit quiet lounge. However, once I stepped inside I was surprised by the loud boisterous environment and bright lighting. Another thing I didn’t expect was the restaurant type seating. It wasn’t seat yourself like most lounges, I had to wait for a hostess to seat me, which was fine, although they didn’t have an open table for six. So, my first tip for this bar; if you have a group bigger than four people and want to visit on a weekend evening, make a reservation. It was the busiest night they had had since spring, according to our waitress.

Once seated I took the time to look at the decor of the pub. It had plenty of beer signs and memorabilia, but most of the beers on the signs I had never heard of ! They also had a large dispensary of Farmery t-shirts for sale. For those who don’t know, Farmery is a local beer crafted in Manitoba and gained popularity form the show Dragon’s Den. I wondered why they were advertising this local beer if their menu boasted over 100 types of imported beers. Then I found out that the same people who created Farmery beer actually own Luxalune Gastropub. A couple of geniuses if you ask me.

Instead of listing the copious amount of beers Luxalune has to offer, I will tell you the beers i tried and post a picture of their beer selection. Half the battle of the beer menu is picking one. I hadn’t heard of 90% of the options so I fell back on the classic eenie-meenie-minie-moe option. My first pick was Golden Pheasant, a Slovakian beer. It tasted like your standard lager but it had a refreshing spice in its after taste. My next choice was a beer called Delirium that is brewed in Germany, and it was one of the most interesting beers I have tasted. I was drawn to pick this drink because on the menu it was described as a “strong pale ale” which basically contradicts itself. The bottle was fully wrapped in a white cover with a blue top so you can not see through to the liquid. It took me awhile to figure out the taste of Delirium. It started as a strong dark almost chocolatey taste, but then it finished with a fruity citrus taste. The taste reminded me of Shock-Top, however the fact that Delirium has a 9% alcohol content makes Shock-Top taste like orange juice. My final choice was a beer from Toronto called Steam Whistle. I was pleasantly surprised by how refreshing this beer was, it almost tasted like a light beer but the bitter after taste reminded me otherwise.

Full Beer Menu (This was taken with my iPhone so do not judge me)


Imported Beer Menu


I also wanted to mention that Luxalune Gastropub has two beautiful custom made pool tables and a huge Wheel of Fortune type wheel on their wall with all types of free things to win. You are only allowed to spin it on your birthday and you can win anything from free sliders to a free hour of pool. Oh, and just a warning, they will I.D you to see if it’s actually your birthday… I tried and failed.

My overall experience at Luxalune was awesome! I mean the beer selection alone warrants a good review, but there was a couple things I didn’t like. For one, the beer menu doesn’t have the price of the beer posted next to it, and from a broke student’s point of view, that’s a big no-no. Also the service was pretty slow, the servers were super friendly and I realize they were very busy, but I had to wait 12 minutes for a beer at one point. This bar is perfect if you want to go somewhere with a classy vibe and comfortable seating, and the most kick-ass imported beer selection in the city. If you just want to grab a couple of cheap beers with your buds, you will not find them at Luxalune. Because of the high prices and inconsistent service,  I’m giving Luxalune Gastropub a 3 out of 5 stars. Well done!

Luxalune Gastropub is located off the strip at 734 Osbourne Street, check out their website at .

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Shannon’s Irish Pub & Eatery * * * *

Perhaps it was the luck of the Irish that found me at Shannon’s Irish Pub & Eatery Friday night. After an evening of watching the King of the Cage: Madness fights at the Winnipeg Convention Centre, I couldn’t help but notice the bright green fluorescent sign across the street at Shannon’s .

Upon entering, you walk down a couple sets of stairs and into a pretty authentic feeling pub. The wooden floors, dim lighting, and copious amounts of beer memorabilia created the illusion of having a pint with the lads in Ireland. If you like to dance, this may not be the bar for you. Although there were people dancing, the dance floor was only big enough for about five people. The rest of the bar was taken up by tables and booths.

I was quite impressed with the live music. They were a cover band that played music from all walks of life. I do want to mention, if you want to have a quiet, low key conversation, you are going to want to find a booth in the back. I sat near the stage and I couldn’t hear the person next to me speak.

Now on to the important part, beer. Much to my pleasure, Shannon’s has quite the variety of Canadian made beers, not to mention the European imports. Their Canadian on tap selections include:

  • Blanche de Chambly  (Quebec)
  • Half Pints (Manitoba)
  • Big Rock (Alberta)
  • Okanagan Spring (British Columbia)

Their imported on tap selections include:

  • Harp (Irish)
  • Smithwick’s (Irish)
  • Kilkenny (Irish)
  • Tennent’s (Scottish)
  • Sapporo (Japanese)

i tried a pint of Big Rock Grasshopper and a pint of Harp. Two very different beers, the Grasshopper was more of a light tasting beer, where as the Harp was a thicker lager. Both were delicious.

I don’t think I could have picked a better bar to start my quest. The lack of domestic beer choices was exactly the thing I was looking for and Shannon’s did not disappoint. The bar has been set with a solid 4 out 5 stars.

Shannon’s irish Pub & Eatery is located at 175 Carlton Street and this is their website if you want to check it out more, .

Also, Shout out to my friend Thomas Richardson ( @thomasrich11 ) on his huge win at King of the Cage: Madness.




And so it begins…

Greetings everyone !

Join me on my quest to find the most interesting and enjoyable place to grab a casual drink in Winnipeg. I will be posting reviews weekly on where I have visited and what I thought of the experience. I have thick skin so feel free to leave comments agreeing or disagreeing. By the end of my journey we can rejoice in knowing the coolest place to toss back a cold one.